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Virgin Media is the only major provider that offers broadband without a landline. Other ISPs use the BT Openreach network to provide services and that requires an active telephone line. Learn more about why you (probably) need a phone line to get broadband

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Fibrus Full Fibre 100

average speed*
TV not included
24 month

£29.99 per month

(prices may change during contract)

No up-front cost

Fibrus Full Fibre 150

average speed*
TV not included
24 month

£24.99 per month

(prices may change during contract)

No up-front cost

Fibrus Full Fibre 500

average speed*
TV not included
24 month

£34.99 per month

(prices may change during contract)

No up-front cost

Fibrus Full Fibre 1000

average speed*
TV not included
24 month

£59.99 per month

(prices may change during contract)

No up-front cost

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All you need to know about Fibrus Broadband

Fibrus broadband was created in 2018 to bring full fibre broadband to rural homes and businesses across Northern Ireland and parts of Northern England.

Since then the company has reached 256,000 homes across Cumbria and all six counties in Northern Ireland, with plans to reach one million premises by the first quarter of 2026.

Let's take a look in more detail at what Fibrus Broadband has to offer.

What packages do Fibrus Broadband offer?

Fibrus is a FTTP provider. This means they offer full fibre right to your home, giving you a faster and more reliable connection than FTTC.

Fibrus Broadband keeps things simple offering four packages with varying speed levels. All packages come on an 18-month contract and usually offer free setup.

  • Full Fibre 100: Offers an average download speed of 106mbps and upload speeds of 34mbps
  • Full Fibre 150: Offers an average download speed of 159mbps and upload speeds of 34mbps
  • Full Fibre 300: Offers an average download speed of 318mbps and upload speeds of 103mbps
  • Full Fibre 1000: Offers an average download speed of 982mbps and upload speeds of 310mbps

Fibrus are also one of very few providers to offer a no mid contract price hikes guarantee.

Can I get a phone line with Fibrus?

Fibrus is a full fibre (FTTP) provider. This means fibre cables are used all the way to your home, with no copper phone wires at any point.

Whilst you cannot get a traditional copper landline from Fibrus, you can get their VoIP service - Fibrus Talk - for £9.99 per month which gives you unlimited calls to UK and ROI landlines and mobiles.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system that allows you to make phone calls through your broadband internet connection instead of a regular landline or a mobile network, though you can still keep your existing number. This is becoming pretty common as providers make the switch over to full fibre. The downside is your phone will only work when your broadband is working. In the event of a power cut, or if your broadband does down, you will not be able to make calls and will have to rely on your mobile.

What router do Fibrus provide?

There are two routers supplied with Fibrus Broadband depending on which speed package you sign up to.

The eero 6+ come free with the 100, 150 and 300 packages. Those signing up to the 1000 package will receive the eero Pro 6E. Both routers are mesh Wi-Fi systems useing the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology to blanket homes in fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Here's a quick look at how the routers compare:

Amazon eero 6+ Amazon eero Pro 6E
WiFi protocol 6 6E
WiFi bands Dual-band Tri-band
Wi-Fi coverage Up to 140 m² Up to 190 m²
Security WPA3 WPA3
Ethernet LAN 2 x 1Gb 1 x 1Gb, 1 x 2.5Gb

eero also comes with an app so you can manage your Wi-Fi network, set up parental controls, monitor real time activity and much more.

What is Fibrus’s Total Home Wi-Fi Guarantee?

Fibrus’s Total Home Wi-Fi guarantees at least 10Mbps download speed in every eligible room and is included free with the Full Fibre 300 and Full Fibre 1000 packages.

Fibrus will supply you with an additional router for free, which will dramatically expand your Wi-Fi's range. If you still cannot get 10Mbps then you will receive an additional router and an possibly an engineer visit to optimise your router. Fibrus will supply up to 3 routers, however, customers can buy additional routers if needed.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Fibrus broadband cost?

How much you spend depends on the package you choose. Fibrus Broadband packages start from £24.99 per month for their Full Fibre 100 plan.

Plans also come with free setup, installation and a router, plus a promise of no mid-contract price hikes during the minimum term.

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How fast is Fibrus Broadband?

Fibrus offers some pretty epic speeds ranging from 100Mb up to 1000Mb.

What network does Fibrus use?

Fibrus operates on its own full fibre network.

How do I switch to Fibrus Broadband?

Switching to Fibrus Broadband couldn't be easier. Once you have found the deal you want, simply click the ‘View Deal’ button. This will take you to Fibrus’s website, who will guide you through the rest of the process. Or you can click the link below to go direct to the Fibrus website.

Visit Fibrus's website

If your current provider is Virgin Media then you will need to let them know that you're leaving and it's up to you to coordinate the end of one contract and the start of another.

If you're choosing a broadband package and are currently with another provider that uses the Openreach network, then they will do the contacting on your behalf.