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All you need to know about Sky Mobile

We all know Sky for their satellite TV, with 10 million subscribers they are the biggest TV provider in the UK. But did you know they also do mobiles? Since its launch in 2016, Sky Mobile has continued to provide great incentives including data roll over and flexible contracts.

Let's take a look in more detail at what Sky Mobile has to offer.

Pay monthly phone plans

Sky Mobile pay monthly plans have a range of handsets from all the big brands you'd expect like Apple, Samsung and Nokia. They are available on 2 contract lengths:

  • Swap12 is a 24 month contract. You can swap to a new phone from month 12
  • Swap24 is a 36 month contract. You can swap to a new phone from month 24

Once you have chosen your handset and your contract length, you can then select your data plan. Minutes and texts are unlimited, so you simply choose the data allowance you need from 100Mb up to 60Gb.

View Sky's pay monthly phone plans

Pay monthly tablet plans

Sky Mobile offers a selection of tablets with data only plans.

  • Swap24 is a 36 month contract. You can upgrade from month 24
  • Swap36 is a 48 month contract. You can upgrade from month 36

Plans come with the same data allowances as the SIM only and pay monthly phone plans - 4Gb, 12Gb, 25Gb, 60Gb or 100Gb. The difference is minutes and text are pay as you go.

View Sky's pay monthly tablet plans

Why choose Sky Mobile?


Sky Mobile lets you roll over all your unused data for up to 3 years into your Sky Piggybank ready to use when you need it most. You can also cash in your unused data for a range of rewards like accessories or money off a new phone, or share your unused data with family & friends on the same account (on up to 7 SIMS).

This is a huge selling point for Sky Mobile as most providers only roll over data for 1 month, if they roll it over at all.


Our data needs can change from one month to the next. Sky Mobile gives you the flexibility to mix up your data plan every month so you can create a plan that's just right for you.


If you’re a Sky TV customer with Sky Mobile, you can stream Sky apps without using your data. Sky apps include:

  • Sky Go app
  • ky News app
  • My Sky app
  • Sky+ app
  • Sky Kids app
  • Sky Store app
  • Sky Sports app
  • Sky Sports Box Office app

If you've don't have Sky TV you can still watch content from Sky apps that don't require a subscription, like Sky News.


Swap your phone anytime you want after your first 31 days with Sky Mobile and upgrade to a brand new one, whatever your contract length. Plus with 'Roll' you can cash in your unused data and save on your upgrade. Sky will buy your old handset back from you and credit whatever it's worth towards your next phone – your monthly repayments will then be worked out accordingly on your new contract.

No mid-contract price rises

Sky Mobile are now one of the few providers that promise they won’t raise your data plan prices mid-contract.

They do however state that other prices, like call charges, may increase.


Sky mobile is an MVNO which piggybacks onto the O2 network, so the coverage will pretty much match O2. That's around 99% of the UK so chances are you'll be covered. Sky Mobile have also launched their 5G network in 20 towns and cities including London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Leeds and will be rolling out to more locations throughout the year.


You are free to tether with Sky Mobile (assuming your device supports this). Tethering is turning your phone into a personal hotspot so that you can use your mobile data allowance to get online with other devices like a laptop or tablet.

This can really chew through your data though so make sure to keep your eye on your allowance.

WiFi hotspots

Sky customers have access to thousands of free WiFi hotspots all over the country. WiFi hotspots are great if you have no mobile data signal, you want to save mobile data or you've completely run out.

Roaming on Sky Mobile?

Sky’s Roaming Passport Plus lets you access your UK data allowance, calls and texts plan and Sky Piggybank data in 55 destinations for £2 a day. Roaming Passport Plus destinations include Europe (EU/EEA/ Switzerland) as well as some of your favourite holiday spots around the world like the USA, Canada, Australia (Cocos islands, Christmas islands), New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey (Northern Cyprus) and the UAE.

If you’re roaming in other far-away destinations, ‘Rest of the world’ roaming charges may apply.

What else does Sky offer?

Learn more about what else Sky offers:

Frequently asked questions

Which network does Sky Mobile use?

Sky doesn’t have its own network, so it piggybacks onto the O2 network. This means that the coverage will be the same as those on O2 plans.

Does Sky Mobile support WiFi calling?

WiFi calling is supported on Sky Mobile, assuming that your mobile device also supports it. WiFi calling lets you make calls anywhere you have WiFi. This is great for areas that struggle with mobile signal, such as rural locations or inside buildings with thick walls.

Is Sky Go free for Sky Mobile customers?

Sky Go is only free if you are a Sky TV customer, you are not able to access Sky Go without a Sky TV subscription. Those who do have a Sky TV Subscription can watch Sky Go content on their mobiles without using any of your data allowance.

Do Sky Mobile do SIM only plans?

Yes, they do. You can find out more about these on our Sky Mobile SIM only page.

Can I keep my existing number if I switch to Sky Mobile?

Yes - it is usually possible to keep your existing number. You will need to request a PAC (porting authorisation code) number from your current provider. After you activate your new Sky Mobile SIM, this PAC Code can be submitted using Sky Mobile's online form. This will start the process of transferring your existing number across and canceling the service with your old provider.

How do I switch to Sky Mobile?

Switching to Sky Mobile couldn't be easier. Once you have found the deal you want, simply click the ‘View Deal’ button. This will take you to Sky’s website, who will guide you through the rest of the process. Or you can click the link below to go direct to the Sky website.

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