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Virgin Media is the only major provider that offers broadband without a landline. Other ISPs use the BT Openreach network to provide services and that requires an active telephone line. Learn more about why you (probably) need a phone line to get broadband

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All you need to know about Direct Save Broadband

Founded in 1999, Direct Save offers no frills broadband and phone with the option for flexible rolling monthly contracts.

Let's take a look in more detail at what Direct Save Broadband has to offer.

Direct Save Broadband packages

Direct Save offer standard ADSL and Fibre (FTTC) packages, with and without a contract.

Their 12 month contracts are very affordable, with the added benefit of no set up fee and no line rental to pay.

  • Standard ADSL with average download speeds of 11Mb
  • Superfast Fibre with average speeds of 35Mb
  • Superfast Fibre Plus with average speeds of 63Mb
  • Ultrafast GFast with average speeds of 160Mb and 300Mb

Those looking for a little more flexibility can opt for the monthly rolling packages (not available on the ultrafast). These are higher in price than their 12 month equivalent and also have a set up fee of £24.95, but are a great option for those who don't want to commit to 12 months.


FTTP, or Fibre to the Premises packages are only available on annual packages. Meaning you pay 12 months in advance with a non-refundable payment, rather than the usual monthly payment.

Coverage is very limited at present, but if you are in one of the FTTP areas you can get up to 1000Mb.

Direct Save Home Phone

Direct Save broadband comes with no line rental to pay, and pay as you go calls at no extra charge.

If you regularly use the landline then Direct Save offers a whole host of call plans for an additional monthly fee:

  • Free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines
  • Free anytime calls to UK landlines. Cheaper rates to mobiles
  • International Option Plan
  • Free Calls to Mobile 120 minutes
  • Free Calls to Mobiles 250 minutes

You can also get a home phone and calling plan on its own if you like, though you'll have to pay the line rental on this.

Why choose Direct Save Broadband?

No line rental to pay

Direct Save is one of few providers that doesn’t charge a fee for a telephone line on their broadband packages.

Totally unlimited usage on all packages

All packages come with unlimited usage, so you don't need to worry about how much data you are using.

First year free Loyalty Discount Club

Direct Save customers get access to their loyalty discount club for free for the first year. This is a large collection of companies offering discounts to use them. This is potentially useful, but how much will depend on whether you use any of the participating retailers.

No credit check on monthly contracts

There are no credit checks on the monthly rolling contracts. This is ideal for those with low credit ratings.


Customers who take out a Direct Save broadband service are given a free wireless router.

Most customers will get the TP-LINK TD-W8951ND, which delivers speeds of up to 150Mb. Those who sign up for the 300Mb FTTP package will get the TP-LINK TD-W8960N router. This router supports faster speeds as well as letting you create a virtual guest network so you don’t need to share your home password with anyone wanting to use your WiFi.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get Direct Save Broadband without a landline?

Unfortunately you need a landline to get Direct Save broadband. This is because they use the Openreach network to deliver broadband to your property, and this requires an active phone line. However, Direct Save is one of few providers that doesn’t charge a fee for a telephone line on their broadband packages.

Can I get Direct Save Broadband without a contract?

Yes, you can. Direct Save Telecom are one of the few broadband providers who offer no-contract fibre broadband. These are usually higher in price than their 12 month equivalent and also come with a set up fee, but are a great option for those who don't want to commit to 12 months, or have a poor credit rating.

How do I switch to Direct Save Broadband?

Switching to Direct Save Broadband couldn't be easier. Once you have found the deal you want, simply click the ‘View Deal’ button. This will take you to Direct Save’s website, who will guide you through the rest of the process. Or you can click the link below to go direct to the Direct Save website.

Visit Direct Save's website

If your current provider is Virgin Media then you will need to let them know that you're leaving and it's up to you to coordinate the end of one contract and the start of another.

If you're choosing a broadband package and are currently with another provider that uses the Openreach network, then they will do the contacting on your behalf.